Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Choose an attorney with a command of Civil law. We have the special education, training and experience that every successful case requires.

Few events are more devastating to a family than the loss of their home through foreclosure.

What used to be unthinkable – losing your home – has become more commonplace in recent years. Having an experienced attorney represent your foreclosure can sometimes mean the difference between keeping your home or losing it. Mack Law can help you through this difficult process.

Consumer debt is at an all time high, and some debt collectors will stop at nothing to collect money from consumers. The credit card company can also sell its right to collect on the debt to another company called a debt buyer. These debt buyers will then usually try to collect on the debt which in some cases is years old, usually by telephone calls, letters and lawsuits – even when they are not legally entitled to collect on the debt.

Debt collectors are routinely represented by attorneys. Shouldn't you be too?