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Addressing the Court


Choose an attorney with a command of civil law. Kerry Mack has the special education, training and experience that every successful case requires.

Mack Law has earned a reputation for excellence in complex business litigation.

As do our clients, Kerry Mack of Mack Law Firm takes seriously the risks involved when contractual or non-compete disagreements result in lost profits or threaten the continuity of healthy business operations. Companies making two to three million dollars annually have a great deal to lose when business deals go sour, or when unjust lawsuits drain their resources.

Kerry Mack has a wide range of litigation experience. Her structure allows her to provide a unique approach to litigation that has achieved dynamic results for both plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation cases. She excels at every step of the process of litigation: examining memos and emails, taking depositions, electronic discovery, and preparation of motions and arguments.

Successful companies have a great deal to lose when business deals go sour or when unjust lawsuits drain resources.

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Injury Claims

If you are injured due to negligence or because of intentional wrongful actions, tort laws entitle you to pursue a claim for damages.

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Civil Cases

Civil litigation is a means of handling private disputes. No laws have been broken, but an individual's rights have been violated in some way which entitles him or her to relief.

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