Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Choose an attorney with a command of Civil law. We have the special education, training and experience that every successful case requires.

Mack Law has earned a reputation for excellence in complex business litigation.

As do our clients, the attorneys of Mack Law take seriously the risks involved when contractual or non-compete disagreements result in lost profits or threaten the continuity of healthy business operations. Companies making two to three million dollars annually have a great deal to lose when business deals go sour, or when unjust lawsuits drain their resources.

Our distinguished legal team has a wide range of litigation experience. Our structure allows us to provide a team approach to litigation that has achieved dynamic results for both plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation casess. We excel at every step of the process of litigation: examining memos and emails, taking depositions, electronic discovery, and preparation of motions and arguments.

If your commercial mortgage is in process of default or foreclosure, call us immediately. Our attorneys negotiate successful solutions with commercial lenders, and our partners have been able to discover alternatives to those in difficult financial situations. Many businesses are not able to keep up with their obligations in our turbulent economy. Do not let a stressful mortgage situation become even worse. Commercial lenders are often willing to work with us, and we will gladly assist you in finding a desirable outcome for all parties.

Successful companies have a great deal to lose when business deals go sour or when unjust lawsuits drain resources.