Driving Suspended

Driving Suspended

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There are two kinds. DWLRS (driving while license suspended or revoked) without knowledge. This is a civil matter and not a crime. Your license can be suspended and you dont know it. Typically, this kind of suspension results from a financial matter (failure to pay child support or lapse of insurance coverage to name the most popular). Even though this is NOT a criminal offense, you should consult our firm because license complications can result.

The other kind of DWLSR is with knowledge. This is a crime, and it is a crime that has penalty enhancements which means that any prior convictions can cause more serious penalties. Multiple DWLSR convictions combined with DUI convictions can cause an HTO (habitual traffic offender) to occur which then causes a 5 year DL suspension independent of any other suspension. Driving when license suspended as an HTO is a felony.

Multiple driving while license suspended can be a felony depending on prior history. Felony convictions usually mean incarceration, and incarceration mean prison not just jail.

Drug convictions carry mandatory DL suspension. Know what you are doing before you agree to "the deal" no matter how good it looks.

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