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Kerry’s goal is to deliver the highest possible quality legal service to each of her clients. She uses her experience, knowledge, creativity and technology to provide her clients with an aggressive expert defense.

Read your citation and call Mack Law Firm immediately.

You have time limitations. If you miss important deadlines, no one will be able to help you. Do not delay; obtain immediate legal advice.

DUI is an enhanced penalty crime! If you have one or more prior convictions, the penalties upon conviction increase substantially.

DUI affects your ability to drive and could affect your freedom. In many counties, bail is delayed until you first appear in court. In many counties, bail is accompanied by supervised release conditions.

Print our name and number, and carry it with you.

Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent.

Remember: Loose lips, sink ships.

Admit nothing but always in a polite manner with a smile on your face.

DUI Client Questionaire

Please download complete the DUI Client Questionnaire before your appointment.Your detailed answers to these questions will be the primary source of information that we use to evaluate your opportunities
for successfully challenging the state's case against you.

  • Can I lose my license if charged with a DUI?
    If you have been arrested for DUI, you MUST request a D.M.V. hearing within 10 days of your arrest to contest any administrative suspension of your license. If you do not request a D.M.V. hearing within 10 days of your arrest, your license will be automatically suspended or revoked 10 days after your arrest.
  • If I am charged with a DUI, what happens?
    When you are charged, you face two separate cases: 1) An administrative D.H.S.M.V. where your driver’s license can be suspended, and 2) A criminal case where the result can be probation, jail, fines, alcohol education classes, an ignition interlock device, community service, vehicle impound, increased auto insurance and a criminal record, all depending on the facts of your case.
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Driving Suspended

In Florida, DWLSR could be charged as a civil violation resulting in license complications or a criminal infraction. 

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Criminal Defense

Kerry Mack routinely defends misdemeanor cases and selectively handles felony cases

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