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Addressing the Court


Choose an attorney with a command of civil law. Kerry Mack has the special education, training and experience that every successful case requires.

Kerry Mack is committed to obtaining fair and just compensation for losses suffered from automobile accidents, premises accidents (slip and fall, trip and fall), and other situations where a personal injury occurs. Her goal is to try to settle your case in the most expeditious way possible. Unfortunately, there are many insurance carriers today that resist offering fair and just compensation. In those cases, Mack Law Firm has tried many cases to verdict successfully.

Insurers know Mack Law Firm, and insurers know Kerry Mack means business when she pushes for the highest available coverage for your personal injury claim.

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Civil Cases

Civil litigation is a means of handling private disputes. No laws have been broken, but an individual's rights have been violated in some way which entitles him or her to relief.

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Business Litigation

Business litigation law is complex, especially when it concerns large sums of money. It's more to have a seasoned litigator on your side.

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