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Mack Law Firm's Results

Kerry Mack is only as good as her accomplishments. As you can see, Kerry has been at the forefront of protecting her clients' rights through aggressive legal representation. Put our experience to work for you.

Marotte v. Weber et al., 969 So.2d 1030

(Fla.App.2DCA 2007)

Single-car rollover accident. Two sisters were in the rear seat and both were seat belted. One survived and one did not. Multiple defendants. The case involved the issue of whether the defendant's employer could be found liable since he did the mechanical work on the vehicle at the employer's place of business. Summary Judgment was granted by the trial court in the defendant's employer's favor finding that he was not within the scope of his employment for purposes of invoking a master/servant relationship. Summary Judgment affirmed on appeal. The final aspect of the case was settled after an appeal on confidential terms.

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